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  • Devon Bridge - Elizabeth Webster

    Devon Bridge
    Elizabeth Webster

  • Badger - Yvonne Shayler

    Yvonne Shayler

  • Happy Shepherd  - Faye Edmondson

    Happy Shepherd
    Faye Edmondson

  • Mountain Stream Snowdonia - Margaret Geatches

    Mountain Stream Snowdonia
    Margaret Geatches

  • Art Deco - Sue Ball

    Art Deco
    Sue Ball

  • Ma'ni  - Elizabeth Webster

    Elizabeth Webster

Yeovil Art Group was founded in 1947 and owes its existence to the initiative and enthusiasm of Bert Hughes, who placed an advertisement in the local paper inviting like minded people to form the group. Now more than seventy years later the Yeovil Art Group is still going strong with over eighty members.

The group meets on Monday afternoons at Birchfield Community Hall, Yeovil and prospective members are welcome to attend ‘taster sessions’ prior to joining. The cost is £2 per session which includes tea/coffee and biscuits. Just come along and join us.

As a member of Yeovil Art Group you will have access to workshops with tuition from a visiting artist, demonstrations and critiques. We hold exhibitions of members work at local venues twice a year. In addition there are field trips to interesting venues and an annual Christmas party.

Full details of our activities are shown in our 'Programme' link.